Thomas Edison National Park

Learning experience number one. Well these didnt come out at all how I expected so I will be going back here once I know what in the world I am doing. I am really loving this film experiment, its really amazing how you can just go out and do it then learn from the results. I was using 200 fuji film, which is probably not the greatest idea for how low the lighting was. Also the light meter on my camera is not working so I am using a light meter app for my iphone which I have no idea how to read properly yet. One other thing I noticed on these because they are so dark you can see some light leaks that I didn't know I had, so I need to get those fixed. I plan on doing some reading and research on my camera and the light meter in the next few days and heading back to the same location to try again. I will be posting those when I get them. Even though these didnt come out how I was imagining them there are still some interesting shots in here. The first one is a split image between two shots. I actually really like the third shot that is a pile of specimens that Edison had in is factory, this specific shot is of some antlers laying in a bin. Also I like the shot of the table in the drafting room. I am looking forward to getting back over there after doing a little more research.