Hike to Blue Lake

This past weekend I had a chance to hike to the base of Mt. Toll, just above Blue Lake. It was my first big Colorado hike. The views were beautiful and there was always something to look at. I am posting a few pictures below but you can also see an Exposure story I posted that contains all the images here

Also This was also my first real chance at getting to use my Garmin Epix. I have had this watch for almost a month and had the opportunity to take it out on some smaller hikes but this was the first long hike with some decent elevation gain. You can see the details of the trip that were tracked using my Epix here


I am constantly learning more about this device and it continues to surprise me. I am a huge statistics nerd so getting to go home and download so many details off the watch is huge. Also being able to record your entire trip and then use the Trackback feature to find your way out (if there aren’t any trails) is awesome. I will be putting a more in depth review up on my blog once I get to use it more for anyone who is curious.



See the rest of the images on my Exposure story here!